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Asian American Voter Turnout Trends

by Olivia Waring
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are a potentially influential yet largely ignored segment of the voting public.

Direct Flights to Asia Come With Economic Benefits

by Ethan Kannel
American cities are striving to push through barriers to unlock economic gains by adding direct flights to Asian cities.

Asia Goes Nuts for California Almonds

by John Kim
In recent years, the state of California has observed a dramatic and sustained increase in its tree nut exports, now worth over $6 billion a year. The driving force behind this significant surge is strong Asian demands.

Jam-Packed June: Numerous U.S. States Send Trade Missions to Asia

by Sarah Wang
June 2014 has been a hot month for trade missions to Asia, as several U.S. states sent high-level officials overseas to establish relationships to improve access for their communities in Asia’s rapidly growing markets. In all, six states sent representatives, including Wyoming,...

The US Celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

by Chris Feddersen
Since 1992, May has been Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, to recognize the contributions of the Asian American, Pacific Islander and Native Hawaiian communities to the nation.