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New York’s Ties to Asia Are a Work of Art

by Sarah Wang
During “Asia Week” from March 13-21, New York will celebrate artworks from Asia, including the centennial of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Asia department and never-before-seen art from Myanmar.

Asian Markets Essential for Maine

by Melissa Newcomb
From seafood to wild berries, Maine’s high quality food stuffs are growing in popularity overseas, and four of the five largest export markets for Maine are all Asian countries.

Asian Language Education on the Rise throughout America

by Olivia Waring
More schools across all educational levels are offering Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, as students seek alternatives to traditionally-taught European languages.

Asian American Electoral Trends: A Post-Midterm Analysis

by Olivia Waring
An unanticipated red shift among Asian American voters, coupled with a rise in the number of AAPI candidates, made the 2014 election cycle a notable one.

California Enjoys Tastes of Taiwan

by Melissa Newcomb
Six Los Angeles County restaurants were recognized for serving authentic Taiwanese cuisine last month and more Taiwanese franchises are setting up shop in California as they expand into the US market.

US-Taiwan Technology Cooperation Strengthened by Investments

by Melissa Newcomb
In October, a delegation from Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs came to the US seeking foreign investment. The delegation secured $200 million dollars worth of investment agreements over the next three years with four major US high-tech companies.

Autumn in Asia: Governors Harvest Investments on Trade Missions

by Ethan Kannel & Melissa Newcomb
The growing importance of trade with Asia for states across the US is apparent in the recent trade missions from six states to a variety of countries around the Asia Pacific, seeking new export markets and sources of FDI.